Péter Varjú

Mathematics: Princeton University

Péter Varjú is a Ph.D. candidate in Princeton’s Mathematics Department, where he is studying expansion properties of finitely generated subgroups of arithmetic groups.  He is particularly interested in the properties of those graphs or networks that may be classed as expanders.  The existence of expanders has long been known, but it is only fairly recently that explicit constructions of certain expanders have been provided by group theory and number theory.  Péter is now engaged in simplifying and generalizing these advances.  Although his research lies at the frontiers of mathematics, it has important applications to computer science and engineering.

Péter was born in Szeged, Hungary, an historic city also long famous for its production of paprika.  After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Szeged, he spent a year carrying out research on approximation theory at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.  Upon returning to Hungary, Péter hopes to teach at a university.