Renzo Bustamante Avanzini

University of Rochester
Electrical Engineering
2012 Fulbright S&T Fellow

Renzo Bustamante is a Ph.D candidate in the Electrical Engineering Program at the University of Rochester. His research focuses on advanced computer architecture and sonar systems. He hopes that with improved computer architecture, specially designed for sonars system, data processing will improve the bearing, marking and recognition of targets.

A native of Peru, Renzo received a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Ricardo Palma University (URP) in Lima-Peru, and pursued graduated studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Renzo has been working at URP where he develops research in electronic systems in cooperation with the Peruvian Navy and teaches undergraduate courses at the Electronic Engineering Department. He has also collaborated in the URP’s ABET accreditation committee and is involved in improving the quality of education in Engineering in Peru. Another topic of his research is how the development of renewable energy in South America could become not only a cleaner option to produce energy but also a source of sustainable development in the region.

Upon his return, he hopes to continue his work and research at URP while contributing to the development of national policies on science and technology in Peru.