Andrew OKeeffe

United Kingdom
University of California, Los Angeles
2012 Fulbright S&T Fellow

Andrew O'Keefe is currently pursuing Ph.D. studies in Neuroscience at University of California at Los Angeles. He graduated from Neuroscience at Oxford University and was intrigued by the therapeutic applications of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease. In order to pursue a career that involved both academic pursuits and the application of therapeutic outcomes of scientific endeavor, he studied graduate medicine at Oxford University and following his qualifications in 2009, he secured an academic trauma foundation training post which allowed him to complete his initial two years of clinical practice and dedicate a significant amount of time to research in deep brain stimulation and other neurosurgical areas. Neurosurgeons are in a unique position to study the brain from a very hands-on perspective and it was in part this proximity to the most complex object in the known universe that inspired his choice of career as an academic neurosurgeon.

Outside of university studies and clinical work Andrew enjoys surfing, skiing, judo, rock climbing and chess. He is also a keen chef and photographer. Diving has been a longstanding passion and he is a fully qualified rescue diver.