Jong Suk Yoo

Republic of Korea
Stanford University
Environment & Energy
2011 Fulbright S&T Fellow

2011 International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow Jong Suk Yoo is pursuing doctoral studies in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. He is conducting research in the area Environment & Energy, particularly focused on studying interface phenomena including adsorption, catalysis, and surface reactions. The goal of Jong Suk’s research is to develop concepts to understand which surface properties determine their chemical activity, and use this insight to design novel catalytic surfaces and nanostructures for applications in energy technology.

A native of Republic of Korea, Jong Suk received both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from Seoul National University where he researched to develop a CO-tolerant catalyst for use as the anode of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell. From this research, he co-authored a number of papers and gave presentations in several well-known international conferences. Jong Suk enjoys music from various genres and plays the drums in a college rock band. His hobby also includes playing tennis and baseball.

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