Hari Prasad

Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Cellular and Molecular Medicine
2011 Fulbright S&T Fellow

Hari Prasad is a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Cellular and Molecular Medicine program. He is interested in translational research and in applying the discoveries “from bench to bedside to community” for the advancement of global health. His doctoral research focuses on understanding the pathophysiologic basis for disease processes. Hari hopes his multi-disciplinary approach can make a contribution to develop cutting edge, sustainable solutions to public health problems.

A 2011 Indian International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow, Hari received a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from K. S. Hegde Medical Academy in Mangalore, and a Master’s degree in Medical Science and Technology (MMST) from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He has taught undergraduate courses in anatomy and microbiology, and has participated in a number of collaborative research projects.

Hari has published widely and has won many awards including the prestigious Khorana fellowship to work at the interface of chemistry and biology in University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also an active advocate for the use of best available evidence to inform health policy decisions. He has participated in volunteer work in India, mainly in field of community health and nutrition. Hari is a creative person and has a passion for Indian classical dance and music. He enjoys reading, watching movies, quizzing, cricket, and travelling. His goal is to succeed as a clinician, educator, and independent researcher.

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