Julia Chin Chee Jia

University of California, Los Angeles
2011 Fulbright S&T Fellow

Born in Malaysia, a country with rich and colorful heritage, Julia enjoys eating Indian food, visiting Malay friends during their Islamic festivals and celebrating the joyous Chinese New Year with her families. Pursuing her dream to obtain a top-notch education in biomedical science, she traveled to the United States in 2005 and interned at the UCLA Medical Center where she received hands-on training in biomedical research. Her experience of shadowing doctors and observing surgeries have resulted in a fascination with the complexity and varied nature of disease processes. Julia completed an undergraduate Honors thesis in the field of stem cell biology. Towards the end of Julia's junior year, she won a competitive graduate fellowship from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, a research institution in Saudi Arabia. As soon as she graduated from her undergraduate institution, she embarked on an exciting voyage to Saudi Arabia to pursue her Masters in bioscience and to explore part of the world that she would not otherwise have seen.

Julia's study abroad experiences in China, the United States and Saudi Arabia have instilled in her a deeper cultural awareness along with a spirit of adventure. With strong passion for biomedical research, she looks forward to her PhD training in cell and developmental biology at UCLA.

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