Vivek Bhandari

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Electrical Engineering
2012 Fulbright S&T Fellow

Vivek Bhandari is a Fulbright S&T fellow for PhD in Electrical Engineering at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. He is planning to pursue his PhD in areas of Smart-Mini-Grid; where Mini-Grid is distributed electrical network with its own generating capability and the term ‘smart’ aims to make Mini-Grid behave intelligently.

Smart-Mini-Grids are gaining popularity both in developed and under-developed nations. The developed nations opt for electrification through Smart-Mini-Grids because they don’t want to disturb their existing power system and yet gain benefits from the decentralized system; whereas the under-developed countries go for this concept because they don’t expect electrification though the utility grid in rural areas even in a couple of decades.

Realizing this importance of Smart-Mini-Grid in coming future, Bhandari planned to carry his research in this concept at University of Minnesota. In his PhD, he wants to develop idea and/or products that will help facilitate and promote the concept of distributed electrical networks (Smart-Mini-Grid) especially in under-developed countries like Nepal.

Native of Nepal, Bhandari received B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with majors in power and control systems from the Kathmandu University in Nepal. He has worked as a student researcher for one year and as a full-time researcher for two years in research related to Mini-Grid. In these three years, he has published few papers in national and international platforms. He has also travelled and attended few trainings related to Smart-Mini-Grid in various nations prior to his start of PhD in the U.S.