Ellen Roche

Harvard University
2011 Fulbright S&T Fellow

Ellen Roche is pursuing Ph.D. studies in Bioengineering at Harvard University. As 2011 International Fulbright Science & Technology Fellow, she plans to focus her research on interventional device design and tissue engineering, ultimately combining both to design a novel delivery vehicle for stem cells or therapeutic agents. She hopes to identify an unmet clinical need and develop a device to meet that need from first principles through to prototyping, testing and potentially preclinical or clinical trials.

A native of Galway, Ireland, Ellen received her Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering from National University of Ireland, Galway. She received a Master’s degree in Bioengineering from Trinity College, Dublin. Ellen has over four years experience as a Research and Development Engineer in the medical device industry with Mednova Ltd., Abbott Vascular and Medtronic, and has spent some time in industry in Galway, Ireland and Redwood City and Santa Clara, California. Previous development projects include delivery systems for Drug Eluting Stents, Self Expanding Stents, Therapeutic Stem Cells for Cardiac Tissue and Bioprosthetic Heart Valves.

Prior to departing for the U.S., Ellen was a student in Graduate Entry Medicine at Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland and she hopes to complete her medical training upon her return, believing an education in engineering and medicine is hugely beneficial as Biomedical Engineering becomes established as its own field, but also as an interdisciplinary specialization between the two already established fields. Ellen enjoys hockey, snowboarding, traditional Irish music and socializing, and is excited to be studying in Boston.

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