Maxim Gavrilenko

Rutgers University
2011 Fulbright S&T Fellow

Maxim Gavrilenko is pursuing doctoral studies in Geology at Rutgers University’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department. His research, which is supported by the 2011 International Fulbright Science & Technology Award, focuses on volcanoes and their structure. Volcanic rocks could provide a lot of information about deep structure of the Earth as well as other planets. In particular, Maxim focuses on with petrology and geochemistry of mantle-derived magmatic suites erupted in island arc settings; conditions of generation and compositions of primary magmas.

A native of Russia, Maxim received a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the Moscow State University. During his studies, he received a scholarship from International Soros Science Education Program. He has worked as a research assistant for the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology in Russia. Maxim also has completed a significant amount of field work in different places throughout the world but his current work is mainly concentrated on the volcanoes of the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia.